Real Estate

In addition to the infrastructure, BRT has a territorial organization able to provide adequate support to the customer in order to respond to the specific demands and in search for solutions getting over any critical factors, with the maximum flexibility and availability.

According to the specific needs, it's possible to accommodate the operators interested in Housing mode, ensuring a Turn Key service, or carrying out on behalf of their customers only for the individual implementation services propaedeutic to the birth of a new radio base system.


The realization of multi-operator and multiservice radio-base sites allows the reduction of the managing costs about property leases of hosted BTSs, that represent one of the largest items of expenditure for telephone operators.

Moreover, it allows a significant improvement in times of crossing in the management of Roll Out network plans, through a targeted action toward the involved local authorities.

BRT is also proposed as a strategic partner for the local authorities in the drafting and preparation of Localization plans, aimed at the identification and management of communal areas designed to install base stations for mobile and Multimedia Operators.

Convinced that the diffusion of multi-operator and multi-service radio base sites is in line with a significant reduction of the environmental impact and a valuable aid to territorial planning, BRT offers solutions dedicated to camouflage base stations and / or individual radiant systems.

These are the main services offered:


Feasibility Studies and Plans cover Nominal (TOPS SARF)

  • required by Multimedia Companies in startup phase and / or with the specific needs of technological adaptation to be carried out jointly with the customer.

Housing of Tower sites

  • for radiant systems

  • for equipment with power and air conditioning

Supervision and Maintenance

  • of infrastructure and technological hosted systems

Single Hospitality

  • on mono/multioperator facilities for the coverage of GSM/UMTS/LTE/WiMax/BWA network

Civil Design Services

  • architectural and executive design 

  • intructural analysis, static checks for structures in reinforced concrete and steel

Presentation and obtaining

  • health permits and urban planning

Drafting Location

  • Radio base systems for municipalities and local authorities

Impact Analysis Electromagnetic

  • Wide Band EM field measurements

  • Narrow Band EM field measurements

Construction Supervision Services  

  • in according to law obligations (D.P.R.380/01, D.L. 259/03 and additional rules

Management and Coordination of construction activities

  • Manager of construction activities 

  • Safety coordinator both in the design phase as well as during executive work in according to law obligations 90, 91, 92 e 93 del D.Lgs. 81/08


  • Base Transceiver Station: technological systems

  • Base Transceiver Station: infrastructure