DAS - Distributed Antenna Systems

DAS networks are nowadays widely used for the dedicated enhancement of the capacity and coverage of mobile networks in indoor scenarios (directional centers, university campuses, shopping centers, hotels, airports, hospitals, stadiums) and outdoor areas where the voice and data service on networks 3G and 4G advanced would otherwise be unavailable or of poor quality, due to the large number of visitors, construction materials or type of environments (underground floors, areas with constraints that do not allow rooftop sites).

LTE Radio Coverage - Enel Federico II plant

BRT, in partnership with Athonet Smartgrid, has created a dedicated 4G-Lte network at the Federico II facility in Brindisi, one of the most advanced plants in Europe.

Thanks to the technology of Athonet Smartgrid and the H3G services, it has been possible to realize an ultra-broadband Tdd-Lte micro-network of the entire system, ensuring data, live video and voice communication services, both fixed and mobile, with a level optimal coverage, very low latency and guarantee of continuity of operation even in critical and emergency situations.

LTE Radio Coverage - EXPO 2015 Milano

BRT, in partnership with Athonet Smartgrid, has built a 4G-Lte wireless network in the EXPO 2015 area.

It is a network connected to the RaiWay transmission network, able to guarantee an optimal level of coverage, high performance and very low latency, allowing the use of real time applications, high definition video transmissions from mobile cameras that make more effective the operability of modile operators engaged in the field.


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