In order to achieve the objectives of quality and performance required by our customers, BRT prepares Team works dedicated to each individual project, composed either by young and bright engineers and by a highly qualified staff with many years of experience and industry expertise well established.

The experience gained in 10 years of Service & Consulting projects, delivered at the main locations of the national fixed / mobile telephone-operators,  in the offering of extremely competitive consulting services, designed to meet the specific  needs of clients in all areas of intervention in the field of Network Management Service.


It is on these bases that BRT is able to provide, within of the network organizations of operators, a structure dedicated to:

RF e Access Network

  • Radio Frequency Planning of whole areas / clusters not yet reached by the radio coverage.

  • Radio Network Optimization, with analysis and parameters definition of radio coverage and network KPI definition.

  • New Site & Site Modernization (Evaluation AIE, PDM, Production PSC, FSC, CDR and so on).

  • Drive test for measurement of network  parameters and post-analysis with production of quantitative and qualitative reports about the state of network operation(in both the motorway that railway).

Transmission e Transport Network

  • Transmission Connectivity of BTSs and Main Sites for backbone transport realized with optical fiber or radio bridge: conceptual design, executive design, interference analysis, path quality, technical and economic feasibility studies for the interconnection of private customers on the existing network.  

  • Logical design: adjustment of network DB provisioning and configuration of circuits for the transmission network finalized to the activation of GSM, UMTS, EDGE, HSxPA, LTE systems.

  • Design of supervisory network to remotely use network multivendor equipment of transport.

Technical Field Operation

  • HW and SW Troubleshooting of multivendor devices for access & transport network.

  • Ordinary and extraordinary Maintenence of SRB, Main Sites and Hub.

  • Management of ULL Faults and voice/data based on Voip and Xdsl technologies.

  • Decommissioning Old Generation Techonology;  Management and Logistics of stocks and procurement.

Network Implementation

  • Operational Planning, roll out management, Logistics & operational Tracking.

  • Site Survey & Technical Report, testings of tecnical compatibility, ante operam e post operam testings.

  • Work Supervision and Safety Management on construction sites.

  • Check Document package for urban and health permits, PDM, AIE, Arpa Cards.