BRT, with proven experience obtained over the years and with a wide range of technological knowledge of leading telecommunications vendors, is the ideal partner for:

  • The ex-novo creation of systems that respect the customer's specific needs in terms of quality and reliability of service;

  • The introduction of new equipment or subsystems of equipment, in existing systems, performing the whole integration process or working only on a subset of the 3 canonical phases.

In the context of mobile telecommunications, the core business of the company, BRT can operate on all devices distributed in the different portions of the network.

In particular, in 2G, 3G, 4G e 5G environments, BRT operates in the following network segments:

  • RAN - Radio access network: installation, commissioning and integration of BTS, NODE B, BSC, RNC;

  • CN - Core Data Network: installation, commissioning and integration of MUX, DEMUX, DXC, MSC, MGW, HLR, Transcoder;

  • TX Network - Transmission & Transport Network: installation, commissioning and integration of PDH-SDH-DWDM devices;


BRT pays particular attention to the most important technological innovations, diversification of its business and the constant updating of the technical / engineering resources: objectives considered essential to be competitive in the telecommunications market and to gain and maintain the confidence of its customers, understanding their needs and translating expectations into concrete projects.

Mobile Systems

  • Special projects for the indoor radio coverage: Implementation of Mono / Multioperator systems in specific areas such as: shopping centers, underground garages, airport stations, complexes of high rise buildings.

  • Installation and testing of special systems for radio coverage inside of the tunnel: Railroad (es.:metropolitane) and motorway.

Multi-purpose Networks

  • Installation and Commissioning of Video surveillance systems on IP network.

  • Installation and Commissioning  of Sensors network for the remote control:  motion sensors, temperature sensors, current sensors, opening doors sensors.

Radio-television Network

  • Systems for AM, VHF, UHF, FM antennas (e.g.: FM coverage of highway tunnels). 

  • Links in radio bridge, for the transport of the video signal in digital terrestrial applications (DVB-T).