Distributed Antenna Systems

BRT is a supplier of an Infrastructure as a Service service: it creates the DAS network and sells the service

access to the network to all mobile operators of its customers to provide through the DAS Network a service of excellence synonymous with coverage and capacity of 3G, 4G and 5G network capillaries and reliable, high-speed connectivity services for all users of the covered areas .

The capillarity of the transmission infrastructure necessary to guarantee the performance of modern mobile networks, makes the realization by individual operators economically unsustainable.

It is essential to highlight that the cellular signal source input to the DAS network is provided by mobile operators.


The ultimate goal of setting up a DAS network is the creation of value in the form of profitability and benefits which in turn translate into economic return for all the parties involved by the Location Manager, the DAS infrastructure provider, and mobile operators. The infrastructure service of the DAS network proposed by BRT offers by its nature guarantees of excellent service. BRT's comprehensive expertise is a guarantee of an excellent match between the type of property and the DAS Network solution which means the alignment of property features, current and future connectivity requirements, scalability, DAS architecture, performance, investment; maximization of the tenancy rate.

This same set of expertise puts the Manager of the location away from the common mistakes in which he risks incurring when he evaluates the realization of a project aimed at strengthening wireless connectivity, including:

  • Believe that the WiFi network can meet every need. WiFi is not a competitor of the DAS network, it is solutions with different characteristics that benefit mutually from each other (eg offload of traffic from the WiFi network with better quality of WiFi connections and therefore enhancement of an investment eventually made from the Manager).

  • Implement a self-made DAS network if the Manager has personnel with internal ICT / telco expertise. It is not the core business of the Manager and only the experience of scale in DAS realizations of a partner like BRT allows an excellent DAS network realization in terms of:

    • Investment, avoiding risk in an undersized solution to which operators do not access or economically unsustainable.

    • Technological choice: there are many possible DAS Network solutions on the market, different vendors each with solutions that have their own characteristics. We need experience when we analyze the different solutions available, an experience that derives from the scale of realizations.


BRT stands as a 360 ° technological partner for wireless connectivity and the services it supports. There are synergies with other systems (eg WiFi), with cross-selling opportunities or offering complementary infrastructure services. (This also means opportunities to participate in other tenders called by the same Manager for other infrastructural services or other achievements).

State-of-the-art technologies BRT's technological experience ensures that having the DAS network becomes synonymous for the location of future proof technologies. It is a partner able to create value through the identification of today's and next-generation services that are enabled by the relevant DAS Network to enhance the location and the surrounding environment.


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