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Connection backbone


BRT, with proven experience obtained over the years and with a wide range knowledge  of technologies & Tx protocols  and of leading telecommunications vendors, is the ideal partner for:

RF Planning

  • RF Design and production of technical cards  for mobile or broadcast radio of whole network clusters.

Fixed Network Design

  • Microwave design and production of Link Budget to implement radio bridges able to interconnect whole network clusters.

Fiber Optic Design

  • Optical Fiber Design with definition of road layouts.

  • Right dimensioning of network devices.

Network Configuration

  • Data Production and dataloading network configurazion.

  • Provisioning multi-protocol: PDH, SDH, ETH, FULL-IP, LTE .

Line of Sight

  • Optical LOS check.

  • Instrumentale LOS check.

Interference Measurements

  • MIM, Interference Measurements and best transmission channel research  (Best Channel Analisys).

Impact Analysis Electromagnetic

  • AIE with the electromagnetic background measures broadband.

  • AIE with electromagnetic background measures both narrow band (frequency selective measurements).


BRT reworking their skills is able to offer engineering service even in areas not closely related to the standard mobile radio operators:


Progetti speciali per radiocopertura LTE privato, in ambienti non standard:

  • Dams: Devices and Staff monitoring.

  • Yacht.

  • Outdoor Areas:

    • Terminal di porti commerciali, per il controllo remotizzato di droni di terra.

    • Aree fieristiche, per il trasporto di segnali multimediali.

    • Centrali elettriche, per il monitoring degli addetti ai lavori.

    • Copertura multioperatore di linee metropolitane.

Progetti speciali per interconnessioni punto-punto e punto-multipunto, in tecnologia HiperLan (banda non licenziata) o in ponte radio, con l’utilizzo di frequenze preassegnate.


In line with a growing awareness of the market always searching for solutions aimed at achieving sustainable systems and the reduction of costs associated with energy consumption, BRT assists its clients with a team dedicated to the research and development of technical proposals aimed at the Energy Management and the optimization of business processes to reduce the environmental impact.

The reduction of energy consumption of a Base Transceiver Station is one of the main objectives of the telecommunications market. It allows both a significant saving of economic resources to the mobile operators and for achieving sustainable development of telecommunication technologies to the benefit of the environment and the entire community.

In this context BRT offers to assist the customer in the whole process of Energy Management, providing the following services:

Inspection preliminary & feasibility studies

  • Site inspection in order to collect all relevant information of a technical nature, environmental and logistics.

  • Historical analysis of electricity consumption and tariffs applied by the supplier of energy to determine efficienza and  profitability of the plant.


  • Redazione di un elaborato di diagnosi energetica, proponendo soluzioni migliorative mirate a massimizzare il rapporto costi/benefici.


  • System implementation

  • Management lavori.

  • coordination and safety testing.


  • total support for the management and maintenance of the system in operation.

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