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About us 

BRT offers specialist and engineering support in the main sectors of Engineering and Business and Multimedia Companies

The multidisciplinary experience and the skills acquired over the years have allowed us to offer services related to the following macro-categories:



  • Telecommunication services

  • Structures

  • Installations

  • Power

  • Environment

  • Geotechnics

  • Consulting & Project Management


  • Construction and modernization of large civil & industrial works

  • Work at height

  • MV / LV, Photovoltaic, Central, Thermal Energy Systems


  • Maintenance of Telco Networks & Infrastructures

  • Highways

  • Power


Our mission:

With the support of our engineers, build new projects with which to create innovative infrastructures.
"Build the Innovation"

The goal, therefore, is to offer the client an integral solution capable of fully satisfying all needs in the civil field. In particular, the services offered concern the infrastructure sector, residential, healthcare, school, industrial, sports and hospitality / hotel construction.


Thanks to our technical support BRT provides services such as:

  • Creation and management of multi-operator and multi-service "equipped base radio sites";

  • Technical and infrastructural support, providing a complete portfolio of E2E outsourcing services to TLC operators and we also offer technical / engineering consultancy services such as TLC Technical field Operation & Maintenance; Network Design - radio link backbone design;

  • Design and implementation and optimization of 2G / 3G / LTE / WiMax networks;

  • Troubleshooting on SRB and Radio Bridges;

  • Tests on second and third generation mobile networks; Commissioning & Integration of core Network and Access Network equipment;

  • Global Services for the management and ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of Main Sites of radio and television TLC Operators;

  • Real Estate Services such as Towering, Housing, Sharing, New Site Acquisition, Civil Work, Permit Management.


Service charter

Alcuni dei nostri clienti



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