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The BRT group’s Mission is to provide a specialist support in all main areas of development and business for the multimedia companies, with a complete range of services aimed to:

  • Implement and Manage radio base multi-operator and multi-service sites, suitable for housing antennas and telecommunications equipment and / or broadcast, as well as multi-operator installations for mobile radio coverage of urban areas and of rail and road tunnel. 

  • Support the development of technical infrastructure of mobile, broadcast and wireless networks , providing a complete and varied portafolio of E2E outsourcing services to the TLC and broadcast such as : site sharing, research and design of radio and/or transmission sites, air conditioning and protected power supply, supervision and maintenance of technological and TLC systems, transmission connectivity, Energy management, etc..

  • Develop the field of the "Tower companies", according to the future needs of the telecom industry. The strategy of BRT aims to extend its activities beyond the boundaries of traditional radio base and TV installations, through partnership agreements with utility companies, Municipalities and public entities, in order to reduce costs, optimize infrastructure and reduce the environmental impact in line with the increasing awareness of citizens and local authorities. 

  • Provide consulting services with tecnical/engineering work team specialized in:

    • TLC technical Field Operation & Maintenance.

    • Network Design – Microwave Designing of backbone with PDH/SDH/ETH/Full IP technology and Optical Fiber. 

    • Designing, Implementation and  Optimization of 2G/3G/LTE/WiMax networks.

    • HW/SW Troubleshooting for GSM/UMTS/LTE BTS, PDH/SDH/ETH/FULL-IP  Microwaves.

    • Testing on mobile network of second, third, fourth generation.

    • Commissioning & Integration of Core Network (BSC, RNC, etc.) and Access Network (BTS, NODE B, etc.) devices.

    • Global Services for the management - ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of Main Sites of TLC and broadcasting operators.

    • Real Estate Services: Towering, Housing, Sharing, New Site Acquisition, Civil Work, Permit Management.


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